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Writer : aubesilver
Date: Wednesday, the 24th of december 2014
Moutonking wishes you a merry christmas!

Writer : sigin_imbar
Date: Tuesday, the 17th of september 2013

Mayors' replacement

Once upon a time, there was a King inventive and expert in binary and other mysterious languages, who decided to create a kingdom: HIS kingdom.

Followed by a few shepherds friends, the King crossed the seas and oceans and hostile lands before coming to a huge grassland. Enchanted by the beauty of the landscape and the tranquility of the place, he decided to settle there. These shepherds prospered and the small town they created soon became a large village which took the name of Moutonpolis. Much later, the King created 21 other villages whose keys he entrusted to distinguished shepherds ...

Today many of them have chosen a different path and someone has to take their role. If you wish to apply for the position of mayor, go to the forum section "regroupement d’éleveurs" (in french) or to the english thread of the forum, at